Sometimes …

Sometimes… sometimes it isn’t church people need to reground them.  Like I talked about yesterday.

Sometimes it’s a mountain.  I used to hike when I lived in Montana and that always felt like going to church.  Even looking at the mountains.  Peaceful.

Sometimes it’s a good book that takes people away.  The Cowboy and I were talking about insightful versus just good fiction reads tonight.. as we spent some time at the bookstore.

Maybe a long, hard workout.  Or a hot yoga class.

Or a ride.  On a bike.  (Sarah, never noticed the police sticker on the back of the bike until was posting this pic from our ride.. curious of the story behind it!)

Or, a horse.

Maybe a concert.  The dog park.  Or a night out with friends.

There are a lot of things that help someone let go, step back, escape for even a few minutes.

Sometimes though .. there is just NOTHING like a good vacation.  Forces you to step outside the drama of the everyday.  Helps hit the reset button.

If I could send a few wonderful people on a good vacation right now, for even a few days, I believe the world would be a much more calm, happy place.  Maybe.

Maybe not.  But sometimes, it is nice to think about, if not try.  Because then, even if it is for a few moments, you can pull yourselves away from their drama.

Tomorrow’s blog (I think. If nothing else pressing comes up):  Why it’s not called ‘a lasso’.  Or, perhaps, ‘what happens when your child walks in on ….’ You know, a much lighter, mortifying topic.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes …

  1. I am hoping to put Machu Picchu on my calendar, soon. I’ve never been farther than Canada, Mexico, or St. Croix. I think it’s time to see another part of the world!

    How about “a half hitch and a hooey”. That could be a could topic for a post in a Cowboy blog. 🙂

    • Going to have to ask about that one, Dave! And forgot, while he was here for few days. Will have to get back to that one. Have had a few people ask fun questions or make comments that are great fodder for future posts. Next week, I think.. going to try and do a week’s worth of posts of ‘lessons learned through divorce’. Have a few fun topics if you want to call ’em that, already. But, given what you’re going through.. perhaps you have some insight you might want to throw out there. 😉

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