I have never slept much.

Ever since I was a kid, my dad has fussed at me for staying up too late. Getting up too early. And in general, for not getting enough sleep. He still does even now.

I tell him, when he learns to drive better he can talk to me about improving my sleep. (He has no intention of becoming a better driver. Reminds me he’s never been in an accident despite any flaws. And, doesn’t sleep much either so I’m in good company.)

The Cowboy, I think agrees. So does my daughter, among others.

Regardless. This weekend, on Sunday, after just a whole lot of business .. going here .. going there and stopping everywhere in-between since the Cowboy’s arrival back in town .. not to mention, eating and beveraging our way though it all ..

The Cowboy says yesterday after church and a very fulfilling brunch ..

“I could really use a nap before we have to go to .. (such and such a place). Just a few minutes.”

“Ok,” I say. Adding, “We have time before we need to head back out.. and that’ll give me a chance to write.” I had a pretty hefty topic I had been drafting for my entry yesterday.

It still needs work however because…

I thought.. you know, I could use a nap, too.

Just a few minutes though. Because I know what sleeping too long .. napping or otherwise .. does to me.

But I lay down and zonk. I’m out. Out cold. For a lot longer than a few minutes. Which put us totally behind for everything else we had going on. And reminded me of why I don’t nap. Ever. Or, sleep longer than the 6 hours I try and get most nights. I’m relatively certain an official diagnosis of me trying to get what most would consider an average nights sleep, would be some sort of pseudo-coma-like state.

I absolutely can not function. Which, the Cowboy has now learned. I’m pretty sure he said to me last night, “I’m not sure I like it when you get too much sleep. It’s almost like you can’t function.”

Yep. So stop fussing at me y’all.

I get headaches if I sleep, in general more than 7 hours at a time.

I also remembered, after trying to get 8 hours sleep on two separate occasions this past week, another reason I don’t like sleeping for too long. I have these horrendously tragic, horrific, vivid dreams where people I love in them, often suffer serious injuries. Which sticks with me for days. That alone has me waking up a ton through the night, negating any benefits I may have of actually physically lying down for longer than the 6 hours I usually try to get.

I think I see too much in my day-job.

So I’m over the sleep thing. And I would like for my dad and the Cowboy and everyone else to be who cares about me, to be over it, too.

Now.. back to yesterdays post. At some point. Maybe after the rest of you are in bed. Looks like another late night.

3 thoughts on “Naps…

  1. I am JUST the long as I nap for, I lose twice that much sleep during the night (if that makes sense!) Unless I’m sick as a dog in which case I collapse and die (nap) but that’s different.

    Plenty of time to sleep when you’re dead anyway 😉

  2. I can easily get by on 6 or less hours a night also. Less than 3 hours a day then I get irritable, or whatever terminology my children may have for it.

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