The Hiatus.

A lot has happened since my last post.  Probably for just about anyone that might be reading this and hopefully everyone else in the world, right?  I hope so otherwise the days would get pretty boring.  Families gather.  Summer calls.  There are backyard bar-b-ques.  Days at the lake.  Hot days.  Really hot this summer.  Nights are filled with the sounds of air conditioners still going strong.  Kids finally making their way back outside to play.  Lawn mowers running.  Crickets.  Fireflies light up the night and little feet run after them.

Things happen.  Life changes.  We enjoy what we can and stand tall and grounded in our faith in the face of another new day and all of the new challenges that might come along with it.

We have had so many blessings presented us this year.  And some incredible challenges.  In the midst of it all, I want to be authentic in writing about any of it.

For any number of reasons, it’s not easy to do that at the moment ..

So instead of not writing at all, I’m switching it up for the time being to photography.  Which I love.  I have been doing much more of that anyway these days.  I’m looking to get better at it.  And just have fun.

Besides, a photo can tell a thousand words.   Isn’t that what ‘they’ say?

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Journalist. Communications consultant. Photographer. Helping you share your story in a way that is meaningful to you as a person or for your business. Wife. Mom. Wisconsin transplant to South Dakota trying not to get swept away in crazy massive winds of Great Plains. Missing delicious cheese and great local brews.

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