“One of the best days of my life.”

My daughter has spent the better half of the past year, in her free time around home, with the boy next door.  They’ve gotten to be pretty good buds.  And when we asked if he’d like to come with us to the ranch these few last days before school .. his mom and stepdad weren’t so sure.  He would miss a day of football practice.  And .. I don’t think they wanted in any way to intrude…

Learned quickly there's a reason you wear jeans while riding.

Since our arrival, it has been a series of firsts.  While he’s been on horseback before, it was the first time he realized why you wear jeans when riding.

First time on a John Deere.

Long day of riding

First time on a mower..

I asked him how he was doing later that first day.

“This is the best day so far of my life,” he responded.  “Seriously.”

Trying to catch the goat.

First time I’ve seen him with a smile that we can’t seem to wipe off his face ..

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6 thoughts on ““One of the best days of my life.”

  1. Thanks for sharing your time on the ranch with a kid that probably doesn’t know where his hamburger comes from. Tiny little impressions like what you shared with him will help him to refute the BS about food that will come up in his life. 🙂

    • hey you! how have you been? hoping all is well .. and see every now and then some of your own adventures! so glad you stopped in and we’ll have to catch up one of these days. lot going on. know you’ve lived through many of the same things and probably have some wonderful perspective. in meantime .. trust you and the family are awesome and back at it with another school year at hand! talk soon ..

      • Oh yes! All the kids are finally in school and one has started her last year! Which makes me both happy and sad… but we had our official adoption placement yesterday for the little ones and we have only one formality left in this process, so life keeps on ticking!

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