The Saxophone.

She’s wanted to play drums for as long as I can remember.

Or just sing.

“Drums,” she said to me earlier this week (well, when I wrote this initially it was ‘this week.’  It’s now, last week we’re referring to ..) when I asked what she wanted most to try out for .. as 6th grade means a new opportunity to learn a new instrument in band at school.

So when she came home yesterday and asked right before bed if I still had my old saxophone, I was a little taken back.

“Can I take it in the morning?  Can I see it?  Where is it?  You have it HERE?” she pestered me to get it for her at that moment.  “I didn’t know it was HERE!”  (She’s never seemed interested and I’ve gotten it out to play it for her in the past, years ago though.)

Knowing approximately where it was, in the depths of one of our closets buried beneath a few other things, I told her I’d make sure it was ready to go in the morning if she really wanted to take it in for her band teacher to check out.  Which she absolutely did.

Found it.  Vacuumed the cat hair off .. and it was ready to go along this morning to school.

I remember learning to play.  The squeals and squeaks of someone trying to figure out a reed instrument.  Yeouch.  I still cringe at my own learning to play.

I’m wondering now .. if this is what we’ll be listening to, or if there might be a chance we could still hear the pounding of drums.

Either one is exciting and the simple fact she even wants to be in band, for so many reasons, is music to my ears.

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