Chocolate Swirl …

My grandmother rarely, as she got older, had much in her refrigerator.  But there was always, always ….

Grandma’s ice cream scoop.


Often a chocolate cake fresh from a nearby grocery store.  And ice cream.  Chocolate swirl to be exact, is usually what we would find in her freezer.  We could also find it placed generously in front of us for consumption before the end of any visit.

While we have often gone, for most of my own daughter’s life, to a nearby custard shop for our ice cream fix .. that is another thing that if we are going to have these days, I’m looking forward to having at home.

The past couple nights as we’ve slowly (well, maybe not all that slowly) polished off a little container of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked, it’s been fun to grab Grandma’s old scoop out of the silverware drawer and think back on all those nights growing up and what they mean to me now ..

Half baked served up in Grandma’s old wine glasses. Make an awesome, fancy ‘dish’.

Looking forward to keeping the tradition going ..

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