You read this?

I’m amazed.

First, thanks to those who stop by to read the blog every now and then.  I’m amazed, because I haven’t posted hardly anything in a long time yet I continue to see visitors to the site.  Most recently, it appears, a growing number of readers from Brazil.  Cool .. and nice to meet you!

Second, I’d like to say I feel bad I haven’t even logged into here for awhile, but I don’t.  Which is a good thing, I guess.  I usually would feel guilty.  For many reasons, I’ve had to let that go this year.

Hoping to get back to writing soon.  It’s therapeutic.

In the meantime, trying to even get back to posting a few photos ..

Fall is quickly fading ..

We made it out to the ranch last weekend, Halloween celebrations with the whole family.

Was a wonderful time.  I was not quite ready to see even remnants of snow left on the ground from a brief winter shower earlier in the week (and please know not complaining here, especially in light of the events out east, just wasn’t ready).   But I welcome what it means.

Winter coats filling in ..

Change is once again in the air.





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About Carleen Wild

Journalist. Communications consultant. Photographer. Helping you share your story in a way that is meaningful to you as a person or for your business. Wife. Mom. Wisconsin transplant to South Dakota trying not to get swept away in crazy massive winds of Great Plains. Missing delicious cheese and great local brews.

10 thoughts on “You read this?

  1. Happy to be following – for the quality, not the quantity. Fine pictures, as usual – have you come across the artwork of Bev Dolittle yet ? The horse put me in mind of a series she has done.

  2. Isn’t it the most humbling feeling when you realize people actually DO stop by to read what you have to say? I also am prone to the “guilt” of not posting, but there are times when the things you want, need to or should write as best kept private or reflected upon.

    • it is .. there is so much to look at anymore on the web or in life, i’m touched that in some way others might find the photos worth a look or given the words are just about my/our lives, somehow of interest. now .. your spiced apple chips today, definitely worth a look and going to cook a batch up this weekend to send home with the Cowboy for the kiddos! they look DELISH and my dehydrator died last year so been remiss in doing much of that the old fashioned way! can’t wait! thanks for sharing!

  3. We all have plenty to do, it’s just nice reading and seeing what you do post, no matter how infrequently. And your pictures so often tell a story worth stopping in for. Thank you.

    ps I cannot wait to see some of the white stuff here!!!

    • aw, you sweetheart. you just miss home. i’ll keep throwing those pics up babe. and you need to let us know when you’re heading that way again we can meet up for eats at one of the areas fine establishments! hope you are well!

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