Yard Dart.

“I’m so proud of you,” says the Cowboy to me after I slide down off my horse the other day.

I finally, had the chance again to ride Gracie.  It had been too long.  She is one of the first horses I ever really got to know, that was actually ‘mine’ as much as any of us can ever really ‘own’ something and who I still wanted more time with.  She may not be the best horse ever in terms of behavior or athleticism.  But she’s a love.

After loping her around the arena for about 45 minutes and having a blast with her after years of being somewhat concerned she would injure me if I asked too much of her, we are definitely in a much better place (thanks especially in recent months, to the Cowboy and to others who’ve helped me be a better rider and her a better horse, along the way.  Time and daily rides that push her beyond her comfort zone is what we have always needed.  I hope to find more of that time .. in the near future.)

He started laughing though ..

“You were going pretty fast, maybe that’s just what she needs.  But I was a little worried about you becoming another yard dart,” he said.  I about spit out my coffee, shocked a bit.  But I started to laugh.

I hadn’t thought too much about it at the time.  I was trying to be careful, but I was also enjoying her finding the freedom to just run, which we had never really had a good chance to do.  We were booking along a little fast, I did my best to keep her reigned in on the speed.  But it was awesome.  He just didn’t want a repeat of the incident I had earlier this year, with our old friend Joe.

Understood.  And filed for the next ride.  Which I can’t wait for.

Yard dart…

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