Return of the Sun Dogs

Another frigid day on the plains of South Dakota brought a return of the Sun Dogs.


We had only started to drive away from the house this morning on our way to school, when I started searching for my sunglasses.  While I hate to ever complain about the sun, it was incredibly bright.  It took me a moment to realize why.

Turning onto our dirt road, I glanced toward the sky and startled our 11 year old when I shouted, “The Sun Dogs are back!”

Incredible Morning Sky

Incredible Morning Sky

While admiring the glow and the beautiful drive into town, I called the Cowboy and asked him to grab the camera and snap a few shots back at the ranch.  He claims to not really know what he’s doing with the lens, but I love this image from today in particular.

Cowboy's shot

Cowboy’s shot

3 thoughts on “Return of the Sun Dogs

  1. Wow. Beautiful images. I live in the Yukon, way up on top of Canada and we get sundogs here too. It’s interesting to realize they’re not just a feature of the frozen north. They are magical, aren’t they?

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