Brutal Honesty: Hard But Worth It

Thanks to those that have followed this blog, with so many out there writing and creating great content, relevant in some way to your lives, I’m always touched anyone stops in here.

My journaling has taken a backseat in recent months to life. Unplugging. Finding my way on a new path, a new life in a new home. And I’ve found myself more than anything in recent months, writing for others, not taking much time to write for myself. I hope however, to get back at it as putting down any thoughts, any record of a day’s events or life in general is incredibly wonderful to have to reflect upon.

We’ve had some wonderful and challenging times at the ranch, some great conversations worth writing down and sharing – I hope to get to them here in the coming days. In the meantime, as I log back into Word Press for the first time in awhile .. I came across this. On a night I have just received news someone near and dear to me has passed away. It is again a reminder for me of how important it is to leave nothing left unsaid worth saying. To be honest, especially with yourself about where you are at in life and share that in the best way possible with those close to you and that you love. And to always – live life to its fullest.
For a 20-year-old, some wise insights here. Insights I definitely appreciate, value and have long done my best to live by. Life is too short to leave people guessing where they stand and/or dawdling on things that could or should move forward. Or to leave important things left unsaid. Not ever in a way that’s mean, just honest. I’ve long done my best to let people know where I or they stand on just about anything where it’s worth taking a stand, what I’m thinking, what I’m pondering, how much they mean to me.

A certain someone in my life always used to say those traits meant I ‘had no filter.’

My goal each night is to go to bed knowing business has been taken care and that those that I love, know it without fail.