Alongside The Road ..

“A weed is but an unloved flower.” ― Ella Wheeler Wilcox


“They’re just weeds,” the Cowboy replied on our drive back from Wall again this weekend. I was asking him if he’s ever paid much attention to the flowers lining almost every roadway in South Dakota this time of year.

Small Roadside Flower

I’ve noticed these beautiful mini-sunflower like blooms the past couple of years in my time back and forth between South Dakota and Wisconsin. But now living here, I’ve been able to enjoy the full season of weeds. Wildflowers. Sunflowers. Whatever you care to call them.

Millions fill the medians of major highways in this state, line thousands of miles of gravel roads and seem to sneak in just about everywhere else in-between. Almost every state boasts something seasonal like this.

Roadside FlowersIt amazes me though, how many drive by wherever they may live, not often noticing. The weeds. Is it because they’re just there, every year .. and we grow accustomed to them? The colors. Their proliferation. Or, is it that far too often, we are too wrapped up in the business of our day-to-day to notice?

Enjoy the weeds while we have them. Their passing means if nothing else, our summer days are numbered.

6 thoughts on “Alongside The Road ..

  1. There is something magical about a sunflower. They seem to be survivors, growing in the strangest places and making their beautiful presence known. Makes me miss the bluebonnets of Texas and the Indian paintbrushes of Oklahoma….

    • Oh the sunflowers right now .. they are stunning. And they are survivors, aren’t they? We had to make a stop in Presto to fill up the truck and the fields there, stunning. Downloading the photos right now.. Assuming this is the Samantha I believe it is, love you all and miss you too. Believe we’ll see you next weekend. xo

  2. I used to agree with the Cowboy. Over the years I guess I’ve become more appreciative of what surrounds me (even weeds). I still call them weeds once in a while, just to bug Pam. Hope all is well with the whole fam-damily ❤

  3. Hello Carleen,
    I am a professional landscape photographer in Chicago. I have had sunflower fields on my mind for several years. Came across your sunflower posts from last year. I have decided this is my year to head west to photograph some of the massive fields out your way. Any suggestions for the most photogenic fields in S.D.? Pesho I guess. Are the farmers friendly to photographers? Best towns to stay in with the best sunflower fields? Any assistance would be great.
    Thank you, Steve Gadomski

    • Steve! Have you been out this way yet? The farmers are friendly. The fields are beautiful and they are seemingly endless throughout the central part of the state. Apologies for not seeing your note sooner. I’ve been terribly remiss from writing for quite some time now, in part because I’ve needed to be. But, I’m back online and looking forward to journaling once again both through photography and written word. I appreciate you stopping in and sending the note. Best to you in your travels and if you are yet to head this way, I can try and get you some more specifics that might be helpful. Take care!

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