South Dakota Storms

“I cross country skied to work this morning,” I just heard a man report on the mid-day news.

Snow is absolutely dumping on the western part of the state right now. The DOT is encouraging people to stay home with “a lot more wind and a lot more snow” slated to come. The interstate is closed. People are without power. And it comes at a time we had hoped to leave for Rapid City to spend time with family, a critical time we will never get back if we don’t get there soon.

Severe weather is scheduled for the eastern half of the state meanwhile, most likely not snow but possibly tornadoes.

It’s been a few days now of intermittent storms after months of below average precipitation. Some of it is much needed and welcomed. But too much rain or snow or wind will also create problems for farmers out in the fields right now 24/7 trying to get the harvest in.

Clouds 1

As the front was moving in the other night .. I was driving home from a few meetings in Sioux Falls. The skies were beautiful. While I was already running behind in order to get home and meet our daughter .. I had to stop and grab a couple shots. Short of the border on these, they are unedited.

Clouds 2

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