Goat tying clinic

The girls can not wait for rodeo season to arrive. They caught the bug when we entered them into their first rodeo late last season here in South Dakota. They’ve been ancy to get back out into the arena, ride barrels and poles, rope and compete ever since.

While we’re still a ways away..

DSC00297 (1)

This past weekend the two took part in their first goat tying clinic. We weren’t sure what to expect.. if they’d like it or not, how their horses would do, if they’d catch on quickly. The days were long and the indoor arena was colder than the temperatures outside.


But a good time was had by all. They made some new friends, they got it, so did their horses and they are both now determined to work on improving their own best times. And, see the rest of the kids – a fun bunch from the clinic – again soon.


2 thoughts on “Goat tying clinic

  1. Big props to the girls who can “nanny slam” & are good at it! Takes lots of practice & can be fun if you like goat hair in your mouth, lol. It’s AMAZING to watch the girls @ the college finals & high school finals tie them in 7s or long 6s. Hope they enjoy becoming goat tyers 🙂

  2. Very Cool Carleen. The mare in the last photo, (Missy) we owned and our daughter Katie used her for HS Rodeo and loved doing goat tying with her. Missy has also been to the Little Britches and HS Finals in goat tying. I hope Landry is enjoying her.

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