What is your first thought – when you’re asked to bring a dish to pass?

We’ve got a potluck after church today. Our daughter is among those being confirmed. And everyone is getting together post-service to celebrate in one place versus everyone going off and doing their own things.

My co-workers will vouch for this: my potluck staple is salad. Fresh, leafy greens, strawberries often on top and perhaps some sliced almonds, salad. Usually, while others heavy, fat-laden, cheesy and fulfilling home-cooked dishes would get snarfed up, I’d go home with a good deal of lettuce left in the bowl.

But, I can’t do a ton of heavy dishes.  I just can’t. I feel awful for hours afterwards, even eating in moderation. Those spaghetti hot dishes, macaroni salads and meatballs that often grace potluck tables really are good, they really are and I enjoy them immensely. But I eat more like a rabbit. I graze. Mostly on fresh fruits and vegetables. And, well, cheese and bread. I just feel better. And the older I get the more I realize I’ve got to watch what I eat as much as I fit in any exercise. So salad it is.












But as I get set for this mornings potluck, I’m thinking back on some of the more common dishes my mom and dad used to make and take – German Potato Salad, Goulash, Cheesy Broccoli and Rice, Mint Ice Cream Brownies.. to name a few. And I’m feeling like perhaps I’m missing out by bringing .. well, a nice leafy green salad.

So I’m wondering what others may say is their favorite, home-cooked, bring to the party, make ahead of time and stays delicious, potluck or one-pot dish? The ones you love to eat or make?


As I flip through one of my mom’s old, well loved and used church cookbooks, I’m not certain any of the casseroles are ones I want to necessarily make, not today anyway. But they do bring back some wonderful memories of dishes made and shared with friends, and time in the kitchen and around the dinner table with family.

And if all I continue to make are salads, what sort of well used recipe cards or cookbooks will I be passing along to my kids?

5 thoughts on “Dish-To-Pass

  1. My Niece Morgan Burke is being confirmed today also. They live in Poynette but I am not sure which Lutheran Church they attend? Congratulations to A.J.

  2. Congrats to A.J.! Here are some of my favorites to take to potlucks. Keep taking salad…it’s good for us!

    Chocolate Eclair Torte

    2- boxes of instant vanilla pudding
    3 cups of Milk
    2- 8 oz cool whips(or 1-16 oz)
    1 box of graham crackers
    1 can of chocolate frosting

    Mix pudding and milk. When thick, mix in cool whip. Layer bottom of 9 x 13 pan with graham crackers. Pour half of pudding mix on top. Add another layer of graham crackers, followed by remaining pudding mix. Add last layer of graham crackers. Heat can of frosting in microwave for about 1 minute(do not overcook). Pour warm frosting on top of graham crackers and spread. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Enjoy!

    Oreo Ice Cream Pie

    Oreo cookie pie crust
    Cookies and cream ice cream

    Soften ice cream. Spread in pie crust. Freeze until ready to serve. Enjoy!

    Fruit Dip

    Marshmallow fluff
    8 oz cream cheese

    Soften cream cheese. Mix with fluff. Serve with fresh strawberries. Enjoy!

  3. I spy that WI cheese in the salad photo! Lovely essay; there’s such strength and comfort in these rituals. Confirmation, potlucks, revisiting family recipes…

    • There absolute is comfort in rituals. Finally finding some of our own here, it does take awhile to blend families and find your own groove. And there really is nothing like WI cheese! Love it perhaps a little too much .. has me coming home to stay stocked up more than I should be making that trek. 🙂

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