Lessons relearned..

It seems like it has been such a long time since I have had or taken a weekend to really just be still.

And in doing so, I regained some wonderful insights I happen to be reflecting on this beautiful afternoon as the sun streams through the window across the table at me..

Sundays are wonderful to relax and grab meals with family and friends.  And making a quick choice at the Hubbard Avenue Diner is impossible.

Weekends can be for catching up on sleep.  Made even more wonderful lying next to a child.  I still didn’t sleep much, but even reading on the couch and starting this blog this weekend have me feeling well rested.

Feeling guilty I’m well rested and probably a smudge less sick than I have been, because I didn’t go out for a dear friends birthday party last night has got to stop because it gets me nowhere.  And she most likely understands.  Birthday drinks tomorrow night?

Regularly being present at church is powerful.

Not enough people have heard the song “Blessings” by Laura Story.  I say that only because the message is such a powerful one if you are open to it.  And the band at church today couldn’t have made it sound more personal.


Winter is beautiful and sometimes so is the cold.  But I don’t like being cold.  (need new long underwear – note to self)

The cowboy is concerned I might make him look too much like a wuss in my posts.  Especially because I mentioned that he cried, in the post yesterday.  But that, in my eyes, makes him more able to be the man I believe he wants to be.. and that I want to be with, than any other man I’ve ever known.  Plus, there is nothing wuss about him.  In case any of you were wondering.

My wonderful, divorced or still single girlfriends are frustrated.  Not just because they are single.  But because far too many of the men who are confident enough to come up and ask them out, are married.  Sorry, but its true.

I miss the Cowboy when we are apart.

Afternoon hay at the TRC Ranch

That is a lesson I am reminded of daily.

I can’t wait until there is a view like this out my back door.. possibly front door and sides of the house, too.  If there were a mountain range or two thrown in there somewhere, it’d be my own little heaven on earth.

$100 doesn’t get you far on groceries if you’re not the stellar coupon lady.  I remember when we were kids and went grocery shopping with my parents.  And I’d about pass out in fear for them when I saw the tally hit $100.  Now its like, 3 bags full, if you’re lucky.

Playdates are so awesome at 10 years old.  Awesome for moms too who want to get some things done like clean, catch up on errands or maybe write .. and not feel guilty they’re ignoring their children….

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