“i loved it, i cried”

One of the things I love about the Cowboy, is he doesn’t ever seem to feel the need to hide how he feels.  And he seems to absorb the emotion in everything going on around him with the greatest intention.  Then react.  Almost always with an incredible tenderness, even when he’s been frustrated.  Now, that’s something I haven’t seen in a very long time.

Or, that I would expect that from a cowboy.

But it is what it is.

Cowboy’s been bugging me to blog for some time now, or at the very least pick up that half chewed up journal and just write.  He wasn’t quite sure what I would end up writing about but he also said, ‘Whatever you write I trust you.  And you’ll do great at it.  Just write.’  Little did he know I’d frame this all around him and the daily conversations we have.  Because I think most of our conversations are universal in that there are a lot of people having ones that are similar.  Or at the very least, having them inside their heads if not openly with others.  And I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts, ideas, and hearing many of yours in return.

SO.. after finishing my first post the other night, I forwarded him the link.

“i love it, i cried,” was his response via text.

“Really?” I say?

“yes,” he responds.

“How is your day?” I ask still texting.. in part because we’re both rushing around to get out of our respective homes and get to the day ahead before we try and catch each other on the phone….

“awesome…because you are in my life, yours?” …

One of the conversations the Cowboy and I have often, is how do we hold onto all of the awesome we have in this relationship.  From the first time we spoke, we have treated each other with respect.  And you may say, ‘well, no kidding.. you’ve known each other all of like 8 months,’ if you know any of our back story.  But you would then be surprised to know how often even a first impression is not a good one.  I’ll leave it at that.

Cowboy and I both try our best, as any couple would, right… to be incredibly open and honest with our thoughts.  Have our actions speak as loud as our words.  And to always be kind to each other, grateful, humble and have each others back.  Always.  But we’ve both thought perhaps in the past, we had found someone that we should have also had those things with and we have (for me time and again) failed miserably.

So.. the big question we keep asking at times we feel like pinching ourselves at how good this is at this moment.. “How do we hold onto this?”

Hold onto the crazy awesome feeling of loving someone so much you’d rather be with them every single moment of the day than ever apart.  You know what I’m talking about.. and if you don’t, please.. find it again preferably where you are at or realize you are missing something amazing, work toward it and pray it finds you.

It’s funny because this topic came up at an event I was at today.  Some friends who were catching up were asking each other how things are going between spouses and significant others.  When someone asked me how things were going with the cowboy, I told them wonderful.  And they said, ‘the key now is holding onto that’.  Exactly.

The alternative quite honestly, sucks.  I know you know what I’m talking about.  Statistics tell us .. as well as far too many of our friends .. that there is a strong likelihood most of us have at some point, hopefully not for too long, been in that place where we’d rather just be alone .. either long term or at the very least, for enough time to regroup and come back at it.  You know, the ‘hey I need to run some errands, I’ll be back next week’ (jk.. kind of) ..

Its a place many couples finds themselves.  Not all, I grant you.  For those of you gracefully able to work through all challenges that come with being incredibly close to anyone for any length of time, great work.  I truly admire you.  Share your secrets freely.  You are blessed.

The Cowboy and I though are pretty sure we’ve got a great thing going.  And the ability to to bring it back to where we want it to be through any challenges.  According to the encouragement I’ve gotten from any and all who’ve met him, my family and friends agree.  In fact, what I’m hearing more than anything from some of my girlfriends is, “I think I need a cowboy.”

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