I love the snow.

And the flakes that came down much of the day outside many of our windows were beautiful … and long overdue for a crisp January day in the Midwest.

The Cowboy says in response to my excitement, with a smirk, “It’s beautiful .. but it sure makes for a long, kind of miserable day of work.”

South Dakota morning

It snowed some overnight in eastern South Dakota as well.  And, its just cold.  As I wrote this, he wasn’t all that fired up about being out in it today shoeing and had one more appointment to go.  The Cowboy, by the way, is a farrier, most of the time.  His other professional affiliations, like lifelong pretty awesome team roper from what I’ve seen and ever heard as well as being part of the sales force for a rodeo industry product (not sure what else to call it) we can talk about some other time.  Because it’ll take some explanation.

Today, he played the role of farrier and dad.

While I love the snow, love being out playing in the snow (skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, ice skating, whatever .. you get it) and love watching the snow, even driving in it sometimes (although doing donuts in a Prius isn’t quite as cool or as possible as some of my beater cars growing up)… I can’t imagine having to be out a good chunk of the day, working in it.

Dress warmly, I think to myself.

Fresh snowfall

The Cowboy and I see each other pretty often for living 7 hours apart.  6 1/2 if you drive a little faster.  He is on his way back to what I’d like to now call his second home.  Ours.  This time tomorrow.

And in the forecast, as he’s scheduled to shoe for a barn here on Thursday…. is more snow.

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