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Am I the only one who falls asleep with lights on, contacts in and fully clothed some nights?  (Should I admit this?)

I’m terrible about it when I’m on my own.  I stay up and am up until all hours of the night ‘trying to get some things done’.  (Including laundry and my bedding, which was why I was waiting up this particular past evening.)

Fortunately, the Cowboy encourages me to get a decent nights sleep.  So does my daughter.  But give me a night where neither of them are around…… and I wake up like this.  Wishing at some point, I had gone to bed.

With few things done on that list.  And eyes that hurt.

Sleeping with contacts in - not a good idea

I’m off in a few minutes to a social media event.

The Cowboy laughs about it all and says he barely got onto Facebook this past year.  That’s about the extent of his social media anything.  Which is another thing I love about the Cowboy.  I wish in fact, I were more like him in this regard.

But I actually love the access to the world and people and places that this new age of media has allowed us as well.

One of my goals this year, although he’s about as busy with work as he wants to be, is to help him build a website for his business.  Because I’m pretty sure he’d like to have one.  But he tells me he just doesn’t know how to build a good website himself – nor does he feel like he maybe needs one.

Does he?  I mean, if we are as busy as we’d like to be and staying unplugged is a great place in this life as much as being plugged in is for the rest of the world, do we need a website?  Or a twitter account?  (Huge Twitter fan here)

It would be one less thing on the to-do list.. not working sun up to sun down would allow us more time together (note to self) and the Cowboy I’m sure would be just as happy to see me get some sleep…


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