‘Try this,’ my 10-year-old says..

I was going to post earlier today .. the answer to ‘Most Asked Question #2‘ when it comes to me and the Cowboy.  The, ‘He lives there and you’re here?  How did you meet?’ post.  But that’ll come later, I guess.  My internet is giving me hell.  I didn’t get a chance to tweak it.  That’ll happen yet tonight, I would imagine.

In the meantime, I’ve had the most wonderful afternoon with my daughter.  And given I want her to have as much of me and ‘us’ documented to remember .. I’m going to take this moment to write about our evening.  Because there is much to be savored.  Literally.


There is a store in Madison where, every Wednesday, when I pick my daughter up from school for either the two days I have her each week or the 5 .. we stop to pick up fresh produce.  Because neither she nor I can get enough of it …

Other stores carry produce.  I shop there too.  But usually, none can compare to what we find at this particular Madison based store.  It is just that good.  Or, at least we know it’s that good.  Because, well, because there are samples.  For EVERYTHING.

“Mom,” she says, chasing me around the store with another sample of something.  Always.  “Try this!  You HAVE TO TRY THIS!  Can we get one of these?” she says.

Great marketing.  It works.  We usually walk out with far more than what we would have gotten otherwise.


I’m estatic we have a chance to get home tonight and do little other than finish up homework.  Hang out together.  Cook.  And give the dogs some exercise after being cooped up much of the past two days while the rest of the Midwest comes to life now that spring has sprung.

I put the pork chops in the oven, get the snap peas ready to go for when I return.. and go for a run with one of the dogs.

I was gone 15 minutes.

I come back, she’s cutting up a pear.  I think little-to-nothing of it.

I go back to getting dinner ready.

“Please keep working on your homework,” I say.

I find a granola bar wrapper.

And, as I go to put the other groceries away, I find the cheese, open.

“Did you eat more than the pear?” I ask.  “You’re going to ruin your appetite and we have a nice dinner tonight.”

“What,” she says.  “I only had cheese, a granola bar.. and, I had a pear.”

She pauses a few seconds.

“And I’m still hungry.”

We sit down moments later to a wonderful meal of pork chops, steamed sugar snap peas, fresh salad topped with strawberries and cantaloupe to round it out.

She’s right.  She is still hungry.

And these are moments that remind me, despite how often I’ve been told by her father over the years I am far from being the best mother (to put it mildly) .. make me feel like if I’ve done anything right, she will grow in so many ways, into a healthy young woman.

My 10 year old is growing, in more ways than one.  Precious moments like these, I’m so grateful to realize pass us by too quickly .. to not be savored.

Now about that ice cream for dessert …

4 thoughts on “‘Try this,’ my 10-year-old says..

  1. I don’t *know* you, apart from your writing here (which is pretty engaging), your work as a journalist in town, and the fact that you front a band on weekends (which in my book is way cool). It strikes me that your 10-year-old girl is seeing–from a position appropriate for her age–a mother who’s a pretty good role model. (That said, I’d suggest you drive up University Avenue from Brennans to the Willy Street Coop West for some shopping and sampling–the blood oranges are delicious, and mix well with swiss).

    I’m cheering you and the Cowboy on. I know a little about Cowboys–my parents ended up on a working cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon. Long story, but I met men who rode for a living. I don’t pretend to understand the whole culture, but I understand honesty and decency when I see it. And I know a lot about men who want to be a part of their childrens’ lives in the face of divorce.

    Good luck. Press on.


    • Greg, apologies it took me awhile to respond.. I want to thank you for such a thoughtful note. I appreciate your comments .. as for Brennans, we stop by the one just a short distance from my daughters school, which is the west side one near Menards. Most effective for us timing-wise. I try and hit all the great locally owned places and Willy St among them. Shop Jenifer St, Metcalfe’s, Willy St, some of the other more ethnic, smaller stores when I can, Trader Joe’s though and Brennans are two of my defaults simply because of where they lie. Will give the blood oranges a try next time I’m there! Thanks again..appreciate the support and stay in touch.

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