April 30th .. and why you should hug your mother. Right now.

“No matter how old you get, hug and kiss your mother whenever you greet her.”

– from Highlighted in Yellow.


April 30th has come and gone and I’m playing catch up ..

But I want to go back to that day here for a moment .. as it will always be a very special day to me.  To many, actually.  Because it would have been my mother’s birthday.

As I reflect each day on the mother I am or am working to be ..

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about my mom and the kind of parent she was to us .. the kind of wife she was to our father .. and the person she was to the rest of the world.

I learned so much from her .. in life.

Perhaps even more, sadly .. in her death.

She would have 69 this week .. and was taken from us so young.

I’ll write more about her and some of the other women that have absolutely meant the world to me in life as we get closer to Mother’s Day as I want my daughter to understand the impact each of these women had on our lives.

But it was fun going back the other day looking for photos .. (something I was going to do anyway but also an assignment I’ve been given for work.)

Seeing her handwriting again on the back of the pictures ..

Thinking about how she spent her time here on this earth, where she felt she had made an impact ..

But also pondering where she decided to make changes, scale back, focus on the little things …

And the big thing.  Like time with family.  And why she hadn’t done more of it sooner.

It is a core value I contemplate often, work on always and believe any of us realize the importance of .. more and more as we age.


Happy Birthday to one of the most wonderful, generous, understated, most likely underappreciated, sincerely beautiful women inside and out that I will ever know.

What I wouldn’t give for more time ..

And I will say now what I say always to family and friends who have the gift of their mother still with them .. always hug her and tell her you love her.

5 thoughts on “April 30th .. and why you should hug your mother. Right now.

  1. I second all of your sentiment. Coincidentally, today is the 6 year anniversary of my mum’s death. Mothers are so important and deserve nothing but love and gratitude, I only wish is hugged mine more! So sorry for your loss, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank You for sharing this. 3 Yrs ago today I lost my Mom. She was diagnosed with a Brain Tumor on March 17th and died on May 2nd. I miss her so much. As I watch my daughters ( her granddaughters) grow and experience life each day, she would be so proud of them. The oldest one is going to her 1st Prom this weekend and my Mom would have enjoyed this moment so much. She has only 3 granddaughters and they loved her so dearly. The only thing she asked for before she died is that all three of them be with her when she passed. Praise God he waited til I was able to get them to her and give her what she wanted.

  3. My mother and I are still struggling to make peace with a haunting past. My blog last week about Faith really rocked that boat. And yet I know we’ve got to get there soon, before it’s too late. She’s had cancer twice, and even though she’s only 52, I know the clock is ticking. I sure would like to be in a comfortable place with her, where I can just give her a big hug and mean it!

    • Tiffany,
      I have to go back and look at your other post on Faith. Sounds like a heavy one. I’m so sorry you and your mom are struggling, although I get that. I see so much of it around me and have my share of it amongst my own family. But we try to stay close, knowing how quickly it can all be torn apart and the value of time together. Wishing you the best .. always .. you are a love and I’ve got a few of your posts in my cache of email notices. I’m looking forward to perhaps time tonight to breathe .. and get caught up on all things email. Hugs.

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