Some wonderful reminders and messages here .. thoughts I often share with my daughter, especially as some of the same rules apply to friendships and making new friends. Which can be tough at the age she is at .. especially for girls.

I specifically appreciate ..
The comments under, “Your power:”
The most powerful thing about you is your story. But don’t talk about yourself all the time; you’ll be a bore.

It is a lesson and a conversation I was also part of long ago, as a journalist just starting out in my career. We were in a roundtable with 3 newsrooms and a consultant from AR&D. I’ll never forget the words out of our particular consultant’s mouth that day ..
‘The news isn’t about those who write or read it. While it’s fine to personalize some things once in awhile, don’t insert yourself. It’s not about you.’

These are words I have tried, for a very long time it seems now, to live by. And as I work to maintain this journal, for now .. which is personal, I’m wanting to still try and find that balance.

Sharing stories is what I so enjoy doing.
And the attached blog has some great reminders/food for thought .. especially now. Thanks for the post, Leadership Freak.