Learning the ropes ..

On the Heel-o-Matic ..

The Cowboy has said to me for quite some time now .. ‘We need to get you roping.  You’ll love it.”

But he’s been good not to push.  Because it’s never been quite the right time.

But this week I decided to finally take him up on the challenge.

The Cowboy and his dad are going to a Jackpot this weekend and the two were practicing in the arena .. when they were done, they offered me the rope.  I took it.  No longer concerned for some reason if I were to rope anything while swinging a big loop in the air it would be myself and possibly pull myself off the horse .. or the horse.

Long way to go .. but after some patient, wonderful instruction from the new father-in-law and some time afterwards around the fire practicing on a stationary steer, actually looking forward to getting back at it.

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Journalist. Communications consultant. Photographer. Helping you share your story in a way that is meaningful to you as a person or for your business. Wife. Mom. Wisconsin transplant to South Dakota trying not to get swept away in crazy massive winds of Great Plains. Missing delicious cheese and great local brews.

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