The Antique Store …

Spent a few minutes of downtime this week over lunch in Brookings, SD.

Brownstone truffle fries

And before we took back off for the ranch, I wanted to pick up a gift we needed for friends that was long overdue at a cute little store across the street from where we had grabbed a bite to eat.

And stop by the antique store just a few doors down ..

Some great finds there ..

My daughter always enjoys exploring every nook and cranny of these places, we often meander into them on our roadtrips each year.  Always something she can find ‘she just has to have’ .. 

Our neighbor boy that was along on the trip, not sure how often he had ever been in an antique store, but he seemed drawn into the mystery of it all.

Including .. this old ‘cell phone.’

“How does this cell phone work?” asks the boy..

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