Breakfast at the Ranch ..

The Cowboy let me sleep in a bit this morning, I didn’t get in last night until about one.

But with a full breakfast ready to go on the table, a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for me that he didn’t want to get cold and a day not really busy but full of good things should we choose ..

“Rise and shine sleepyhead,” was my wake-up call this morning.

I had already been awake quite a bit, on and off .. listening to the South Dakota winds howling this morning, watching the beautiful sunrise through partially opened blinds.  And, having a conversation with Him.  Have a lot on my mind at the moment.  I tried as long as I could this morning to just be still, breathe, soak in all that is good about this day, this life and how blessed I am despite any challenges.  We all have them, it’s more a matter of what our unique set of challenges at any given point in this life will be, isn’t it?  How we decide to respond is what sets our course for better or worse days ahead.  It doesn’t take long, knowing what else is going on in the world, to readjust my thoughts and know that what we are faced with is and will be surmountable.

The smell of bacon and coffee snaps me back into the moment.  I climb out of bed.

Coffee.  Milk.  Waffles.  Eggs and bacon are waiting.  The Cowboy enjoys working in the kitchen and making food for any and all to get together and enjoy.  I thoroughly appreciate the days where we are able to sit down to breakfast together.  As a family or just the two of us.

Fortunate to often savor the leftovers .. The kitties do too.

The New Table

Finding joy in the little things.


When we were kids, there wasn’t much watching TV.  We played outside.  We read books in our rooms.  I thumbed through all of the hardcore teen and music magazines to find the latest poster to pin up on my wall.  We went for walks as a family.  Climbed trees.  Built forts.  And often at night when the day was winding down and we still weren’t watching much TV, my brother and I would often head for the basement with our dad.  To play ping pong.  I wasn’t as good as either of them, but I loved it.  We had a lot of fun and many very competitive nights at that table.

So when one of our neighbors dropped off a handwritten note last week that said:

“Ping-Pong Party in the basement.  Sunday 3pm.  We’ll provide beverages, just bring yourselves and a snack!”

.. I did everything possible to get us back home in time to take part in the celebrations.

Two of our neighbors had found a table, cleared out a section of the community basement where about 15 bikes stood in a dark area only days before.

They put up lights.

And when everyone joined in the other afternoon .. it was the best game room I have been in, in a long, long time.


Thank you J & R for one of the best, most relaxing, wonderful afternoons in a long time.  Look forward to the next match.