Sun Dogs

It.  Is.  Cold.  Outside.

School was cancelled for the day today.  Tomorrow it’s already called to at least run late.

While we spent most of the day inside ..


.. we did need to get out and get a few things done before the sun went down.  Am I ever glad we waited until we did to head out.


Sun Dogs.

I had never heard the term until a few weeks ago, shortly after we made the actual move to South Dakota when there was somewhat of a rainbow and odd glow in the sky one crisp morning.  I snapped a few pics and asked the Cowboy to come look at the sky.

Cowboy and the Sundog

“That’s a Sun Dog,” he tells me.  “Haven’t you ever seen one?”

I don’t know that I ever had until that moment.  I don’t recall ever seeing one anyway, not like this.  One of the marvels of living in an area like the Great Plains, is that there are few things obstructing your view.  And Mother Nature always seems to be dishing up something incredible.

January 31, 2013

January 31, 2013

Just as dusk was about to set in, the evening sky flared up tonight.  We stopped several times alongside the road to snap some shots.  And they were too beautiful to keep to ourselves.


1 thought on “Sun Dogs

  1. Hey Carleen. Glad to discover this blog, and I love your photos. I’m also glad to see you made that trip to the end of the dirt road, though Madison of course misses you. Keep writing!

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