Frozen Nose Hair ..

Yes.  That is how cold it remains.

You know those days, don’t you?  Days where all you have to do is step outside the door and instantaneously, eyelashes have icicles and nose hair is frozen.

If not, I’d say consider yourself lucky.  But, we live where we do because we love weather like this, don’t we?  It’s dinner in the crock pot weather.  Good stout beer weather.  Make a fire weather.  Bundle up on the couch with the kids in a big blanket and watch a movie weather.  Those are good things about it being too cold to do much else.  Either way, as the snow moves in this fine February day, here’s to hoping this is the last day of this bitter cold snap for 2013 .. we’re waiting on spring!


(Thought a shot of Gracie’s whiskers was better any day, than a shot up any of our noses.)



3 thoughts on “Frozen Nose Hair ..

  1. The winter here is mild this year. We are between the La Nina and El Nino, so at just under 1000′ we get mostly rain with a touch of snow and freezing fog. Some winters we have had 15 inches of snow regularly with my little car parked at the bottom of our hill into the neighborhood. Just 20 minutes up the pass and there is plenty of snow! Close, but I love the snow here, at home too. The temp is mild compared to you, we don’t get the midwest cold, nor the cold you are experiencing. Hope you love the cuddling that the cold brings!!!!!! Love your posts.

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