I’m not sure who it is ..

I’ve been wondering when those that farm the fields around us will be harvesting. The season is well underway in eastern South Dakota, yet our acreage remains surrounded by row after row of golden corn stalks.

“There are some trucks and a van on our road, I’m not sure who it is,” my daughter just said to me, having gone out for a breath of fresh air. She’s been home sick much of the day. I’m not paying any attention to the traffic, instead I’m looking her over, wondering if she may truly be getting back on her feet a bit.

Harvest Semi

A semi, combine, grain cart and some other vehicles literally just pulled up moments ago and it won’t be long the landscape around us will look very different. And, ready for winter.

While the Cowboy and I run together most of the time, he went without me this morning. I’m glad I noticed how beautiful it was. I snuck out onto the front porch as he was heading down the driveway. Barefoot, my feet seemed to burn on what was one of our first frosts of the season. But, I stood there until he turned onto the road and snapped this shot ..

Morning run

2 thoughts on “I’m not sure who it is ..

  1. Lovely photos, catching the light and space.
    It’s so easy to read your writing with big details (coming landscape changes for example) seemingly casually dropped in.
    Hope your daughter is feeling better.

    • I can’t believe I’m so far behind on responding to all recent comments, let alone such nice ones! Thank you for the compliment on the photos and writing. I enjoy it but have found both little time as of late to make for it, and so much of what consumes our day to day I’m struggling to figure out how to best genuinely share in a way that will either be helpful, therapeutic or entertaining. Hoping you’re having a lovely fall and enjoying great days to get out and take photos, always appreciate you stopping in! Thanks much .. and stay in touch.

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