I’m not sure who it is ..

I’ve been wondering when those that farm the fields around us will be harvesting. The season is well underway in eastern South Dakota, yet our acreage remains surrounded by row after row of golden corn stalks.

“There are some trucks and a van on our road, I’m not sure who it is,” my daughter just said to me, having gone out for a breath of fresh air. She’s been home sick much of the day. I’m not paying any attention to the traffic, instead I’m looking her over, wondering if she may truly be getting back on her feet a bit.

Harvest Semi

A semi, combine, grain cart and some other vehicles literally just pulled up moments ago and it won’t be long the landscape around us will look very different. And, ready for winter.

While the Cowboy and I run together most of the time, he went without me this morning. I’m glad I noticed how beautiful it was. I snuck out onto the front porch as he was heading down the driveway. Barefoot, my feet seemed to burn on what was one of our first frosts of the season. But, I stood there until he turned onto the road and snapped this shot ..

Morning run

Harvest Underway

“My grandfather used to say that once in your life you need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman and a preacher but everyday, three times a day, you need a farmer.”

– Brenda Schoepp

Harvest 1

The dogs are barking again.¬†They’re not used to this much traffic past our house each day..

Grain Cart

The gravel roads of South Dakota are rumbling day and night right now under the heavy weight of combines, tractors, grain carts and semis.. whatever is takes to get the harvest done.

Harvest Semis

It’s beautiful. It’s dusty and right now it’s constant. After looking at and being surrounded by what seems to be 9 -10 foot high corn the past couple months, harvest will drastically change the view out our front door when all is said and done.

Wishing those out in the fields, a safe and wonderful harvest. This has been a dry summer but it appears a good one.