A little bit of chicken fried…

SO… a few things before I get to chicken fried.

While I have yet to be a little more public about my posts (I’ve not let very many in my own circle know I’m doing this .. for reasons I’ll explain perhaps at a later time…) I’m amazed at the conversations yesterdays post seems to have spawned:  The challenges of shared custody, the rewards, how vindictive and conniving women in particular can be – toward an ex or even other women, how easy it is to file false charges against someone and how often that seems to happen, that police need to take anything like that seriously but when you’ve done nothing how tough a pill that is to swallow, what that means for true victims of abuse, how often men seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to custody arrangements even if they are a great parent, how often they too do stupid things to get back at a partner and the different ways that looks .. those were just a few of the conversations I ended up in at some point yesterday.  It was kind of crazy.  Especially because there are no real solutions to most of this, just different ways to cope, I’m thinking.  Regardless, there are so many more branches of these topics to be had  .. look forward to having them with you.

I was feeling bad I’ve already faltered on my goal of one post a day.  But I consider this yesterday’s post, well.. because I wrote it yesterday.  But didn’t post it.  Because I got sidetracked by just too many things going on.

I stayed late at work on a special project.

When I got home, the Cowboy had made the most awesome dinner.

I am part of a band and we played a little gig last night after dinner and getting my daughter situated for bed.

As soon as I got home and sat down to finish the very short post included below, one of my dearest girlfriends called .. and needed someone to download with.  Because a married man she trusted and who was a family friend tried very hard to create a window of opportunity with her last night putting her in a terrible position, one she never expected and she was frustrated she didn’t exit it more gracefully.  I’m furious she was put in that position in the first place.  But having been there myself .. along with many of you, I’m just going to assume, its a place that hopefully once we’ve been we understand the warnings signs and learn to leave at the first indication trouble could be lurking if we stay.

Nothing happened thankfully.  But I’m giving him the stink eye the next time our paths cross …. on her behalf.

OK.  Chicken fried.

Heaping portions for the girl

The Cowboy made dinner last night……

I think I may have forgotten, after too many long years of not eating much at home how nice it is to come home to someone who loves you with kids situated, homework done and dinner on the table.  Not just someone … someone(s) very special, which is cool.

Such was even a small part of my day, and night.   And I know I am blessed.

The Cowboy is looking over my shoulder at the moment and says, if you might add … perhaps if you are happily married or in a relationship that is healthy, committed and strong, or even if you need a little work.. but still are in love … hold onto that and appreciate what you have.  Because its a wild, wooly world out there…..

And as I finish wrapping this up.. wouldn’t you know a little Zac Brown comes on the iPod.

Mmmmm.  Chicken fried.