We have the best neighbors.

Everyone gathered around the grill ..

And after getting home last night from school and work and making sure all our necessary tasks were done .. we grabbed our chair, the frisbee for the dog, and settled into the conversation already well underway with those we not only live in the same building with, but good people who have become great friends.

Master of the Grill

The pork tenderloin I had picked up for dinner I threw on the grill next to three other families meals ..

The grill’s owner proudly each night, makes sure whoever may be sharing his coals has their meal done just right.  It was perfect.

As was the salad my daughter had gone inside to make from freshly washed lettuce and tomatoes straight from the garden.  A beautiful night.

‘Can we read this tonight?’ …

One of our favorite books …

She may be in 6th grade .. and perhaps a little old for this book, but it’s one of our favorites.

So after a shower, picking up her room and with all her school books neatly filed again in her backpack and tucked in her basket by the door after the 2nd day of school, my 11 year old asked if that could be the book we’d read that night.

I’ll never forget the first few times we read this book .. we laughed so hard we cried.

And still do … I think in many ways because it reminds me a few little girls I know.


6th Grade

Tuesday this week was our first day back to school ..

First week back to school.

We are in a new school this year for 6th grade .. meaning almost all new friends and teachers, which can be scary.  And Middle School years can be tough ones anyway, if I remember correctly.

End of our first day.

But we are all trying to help her remember in all that is new and at times intimidating, there is also incredible opportunity with the right attitude.

Lingering for a few moments after the last bell..

She seems to be taking that to heart ..  so far (three full school days later as I finally get around to posting this), we’re off to a great start!