Speaking of Music …

My old beat up saxophone .. is being given some new life.

Makes me smile.

We picked it up last night from the repair shop it has, since I was in middle school, gone to when it’s in need of some TLC.  I do believe, it may now be ready for anything an ambitious 6th grader can throw at it!

Alto sax.

A few new corks, pads, keys straightened and $100 plus later, we were out the door… and on our way to a new adventure in life and music.

While music is something our girl seems pretty gifted at, reed instruments are a whole different deal than anything she’s tried in the past.  This ought to be an interesting journey.


We’ve been playing out a lot lately .. full band and smaller versions, both of which have been a ton of fun.

The few extra bucks we might bring in playing .. has also in recent years, been some what of an economic necessity, especially recently given some of the things we’re going through as a family.  

Incredibly grateful I have a great group of guys .. and one very awesome woman (who can put up with all of us) to work with.  Apparently we also have a fair number of people that appreciate the music we so enjoy playing, so that we continue to get hired out..

Thanks, all.  I hope you have some idea what a gift that is.

Chocolate Swirl …

My grandmother rarely, as she got older, had much in her refrigerator.  But there was always, always ….

Grandma’s ice cream scoop.


Often a chocolate cake fresh from a nearby grocery store.  And ice cream.  Chocolate swirl to be exact, is usually what we would find in her freezer.  We could also find it placed generously in front of us for consumption before the end of any visit.

While we have often gone, for most of my own daughter’s life, to a nearby custard shop for our ice cream fix .. that is another thing that if we are going to have these days, I’m looking forward to having at home.

The past couple nights as we’ve slowly (well, maybe not all that slowly) polished off a little container of Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked, it’s been fun to grab Grandma’s old scoop out of the silverware drawer and think back on all those nights growing up and what they mean to me now ..

Half baked served up in Grandma’s old wine glasses. Make an awesome, fancy ‘dish’.

Looking forward to keeping the tradition going ..