Good ‘Ol Joe Hunter Hancock.


“He’s been a great horse,” the Cowboy says tonight as we’re talking about him.

He’s been steady, strong, reliable.  Lot different than when I bought him.  Bought him from a friend back in 2005 and they were afraid of him.  All he wanted to do was buck and be snorty on the ground.”  But the Cowboy thought he was super cool looking and really smart.  

He kept him. 

Wessington Springs.

“After I got him, I went and rode with one of the best working cow horse trainers in the country, the guy is legendary.”

He’s gone on to become PRCA two-time Heel Horse of the Year, Four-time Minnesota Rodeo Heel Horse of the Year..

Badlands Circuit Finals.

Joe has since, become the horse everyone wants to ride.  Guests.  The kids.


But with the Cowboy essentially off the rodeo circuit for now, focusing on being a good dad and husband as well .. Joe’s been standing .. a lot .. out in the pasture.

And it’s killed the Cowboy to know he’s capable of so much more.

After years of inquiries into whether or not he’d ever sell Joe.. Joe this week, goes to a new home.  A great home.  One where he will be put to good use.

But we are all so very sad to see him go.