Flea Market ..

The Cowboy and I wanted to get out of town yesterday and just enjoy the day together .. Summer has finally come to an end, at least the hectic pace we had both been keeping and this weekend and the next few are welcome reprieve.

We jumped in the car and headed west about an hour to Mineral Point, not sure what all we would find but a Fall Art Tour was underway.  The small town boasts beautiful architecture, great storefronts, artists, writers, potters .. and as we discovered upon leaving the highway, a great flea market.

The first booth we walked up to was the find of the day.  Helping us load one of the most beautiful old trunks we’ve ever seen (for the guest room or possibly a prop for photos) into the car ..

Great finds numbers 2, 3 & 4 ..

A little olive oil on this baby .. shine it right up.

There happen to be three items in this photo that will be going under the Christmas tree this year.  Cool things because they’re cool.  But extra cool because, BARGAIN.  And, RECYCLE.

One thing we found entertaining but did not leave with ..