The simple things ..

We rounded the corner after coming up the stairs to the back door the other night, talking about the day, laughing and dodging the rain ..

When I see .. (sorry not great photos but was trying to avoid getting camera soaked in the rain)


We had been of our bottled water for almost two weeks and the chunks of what look like metal or rock that flow out of our faucet aren’t really what I want to be guzzling down after a run in the morning .. or making coffee with.  Or giving my daughter a glass of to drink each night.

I know we still have some of the best, most clean drinking water in the world and I appreciate that for all it is .. but the bottled water that comes to our doorstep about once/month is such a beautiful, delicious sight ..

And while the water was enough to have me and us grinning with delight in and of itself ..

I catch a glimpse of something else lush and green peering out from behind the screen door my daughter had already opened to get us out of the rain ..


Some of the most beautiful, gargantuan beets I have ever seen .. set atop the rail of our porch.  Straight from the garden and the neighbors CSA basket earlier that day.

Such simple things.  What beautiful gifts.


Stunning fall color ..

Been a rainy week here in Wisconsin and so many of the leaves are now off the trees.

But the dry summer apparently made for some stunning fall color and I so love how beautiful the fully in tact (versus the brown mushed up) fallen leaves look in the rain.

Grabbed this while on a run the other morning.

The entire street I was on that morning was covered with leaves similar to this one.  The scene was as stunning on the ground as the leaves had been only hours before, barely dangling yet from their branches, holding onto one more day of life before that strong, crisp wind brought them down.