Day of Reflection ..

Sunday, we didn’t have much time together. ┬áBut those who were left, a few close family and the friends who brought the Cowboy and I together to begin with .. were the only ones that morning at the ranch.

It was beautiful.


And we reflected on what a year and a half it has been and how grateful we are for the time together, our family and friends and the life before us.

See you all again soon ..

And when we have the official, ‘official Mr & Mrs party’ (we may just have at least one of those a year, just because) sometime in the spring .. we hope to see you and many, many more pulling back in the drive.

Until then, safe travels ..

First of Many Big Gatherings ..

Mimosas to kick off the celebration ..

Feast of pulled pork and bbq ..

Enjoying the music ..

Rare moment some of the kids still enough to capture a pic ..

Nightfall means cozying up the fire(s) ..

Closing down a fantastic day ..