Not just for horses ..

“What’s in the box,” the Cowboy asked.

Another package had arrived in the mail last week that wasn’t his. That’s a fairly new occurrence at the ranch. No longer living 5 minutes from anything I might need or want, I’ve become a big fan of things coming to me and not having to go anywhere if I don’t have to.

Special Delivery

“I ordered some of that stuff Sam brought when the dogs got sprayed by the skunk,” I told him. “She said she couldn’t find it anywhere around here and I’ve tried. So I ordered it. One for us and and to take back to her and return the favor.”


The Cowboy has never had inside animals. Ever.

Sugar and Cecilia

I’ve never had anything but. Even growing up. Most of my life has been spent inside city limits somewhere where people complain and feel you’re abusing animals if they’re left outside for any length of time.

SO ..

When we combined homes in January of this year, I brought along with us, four of them. Indoor pets, that is. Two middle aged labs and two 12-year-old, front declawed, sibling cats. One of which had started to have kidney issues…

Without going into much further detail, let’s just say anyone with indoor pets knows there are going to be some accidents. There are going to be some spots and smells that need to get washed out of bedding, clothing, whatever it is and for whatever reason.

After years of trying to find some magic bullet .. some magic product that would take the stain and smell out .. any combination of natural, organic or chemical solutions .. I settled for one that I liked the most if I had to use something. But nothing ever totally did the trick. (I know, I know .. everyone has their ‘something’ that will work and please feel free to offer up your suggestions! I’m quite certain we can never have enough. In fact, I found this particular “Best Pet Stain and Odor Removers site. Some of these I’ve never tried and sound interesting.)

But this spring, our friend Sam introduced me to eZall.


It worked. With one wash. In situations that were so dire I thought I’d have to throw some really wonderful things away due to the fact they were literally soaked in cat urine. The dry cleaner I had work on a few things was even amazed. He asked if I’d share the secret with him.

I don’t want it to be a secret. I hope everyone gives this a try because, well because I know how much money I wasted over the years on products that did little to nothing. eZall, Tail and Mane Treatment for horses. Trust Sam, if not me, that this works. On more than just horses. Those fall football uniforms? Farm clothes? Sweaty socks? Gym bag?  Food smells. Given it’s as cheap if not cheaper than most solutions I’ve ever tried, you don’t have much to lose, and a lot to gain if it works.


We’ve had to put down our one little kitty. The night she crawled on top of me while I was sleeping and peed said to me, she was ready to go. This wasn’t fun for her anymore either. We still have four, with the addition of our pup this summer. But all, are now outside.

The house is a lot quieter and I miss them rambling around inside. But the washing machine is a lot quieter too and for that fact, I am grateful.

The Dogs: Indoor vs Outdoor

I might have sat down to write last night ..

Pasture Run

But the mess we came home to after a couple of birthday parties for family and friends kept me busy for far too long.  There will be no photos of it.

“I’ve said this before.  The dogs need to be outside,” says the Cowboy.  “Dogs belong outside.”

He went to bed.  I, for over an hour, cleaned up a trail of foul smelling excrement throughout the house.  Our four kids all huddled in the one bedroom upstairs that didn’t need cleaning and fell asleep.


“If you don’t own a dog, at least one, there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”
― Roger Caras


How many ranches have indoor dogs?  Not many, I believe.

Yellow on the Bench

The Cowboy has never had an indoor dog, hates the hair in the house, can’t stand that one of my dog sneaks as often as it can onto the bed to nap and hates coming home to a mess (one of our pups can not leave anything alone that might be left on the kitchen counter, including butter, which in turn makes her sick.  Have you ever smelled dog vomit after they’ve downed a stick of butter?  Not cool.  I still don’t know what caused last nights unbelievable mess.)

I can’t say that I blame him.  I’m not a fan of it either.

But I’m used to it, I guess.  I have had indoor dogs all my life and don’t see where there are issues that can’t easily be overlooked or overcome.  I’ve cleaned up accidents and illnesses since I was old enough to take on the responsibility and .. I have until now, always lived within city limits and not wanted a dog to bug the neighbors with its barking.  Plus people that live in towns/cities tend to think if you leave your dog out for any length of time or take your dog anywhere in the car with you it’s their job to call Animal Control.  Somehow that dog is being abused or abandoned, I’m thinking is their typical most educated guess on the subject.  I have to say, my dogs would any day, rather go with me and sit in the car for hours on end than stay home if I give her the choice.  They otherwise just appreciate being around people.  To a fault, I guess.

Our Old Gal

I’m getting off topic.

Indoors or send them outside?  I feel the need at this point, mid-winter, to wean.  Which isn’t fast enough it appears, for the Cowboy.  Especially after last nights mess.  I don’t think they’re ready for it, my very small opinion as the smaller of our two labs comes in shaking from 15 minutes in the cold on days like we’ve had recently.

But girls, know it is coming.  Faster than you or I might like if we continue to have any more nights like this last ..