On the road to …

.. I just checked in with the Cowboy.

It’s been a foggy drive tonight.

Not to Madison, South Dakota, where he was earlier today.. or to Madison, Minnesota where he was earlier this week shoeing.

The drive

But Madison, WI.

“I’m at about mile marker 76,” he says.  “Think that puts me near the Dells.”

As often as he can, the Cowboy heads this way.. because there’s a lot more flexibility in being a cowboy and a farrier, especially during the depths of the winter months (despite the fact we really haven’t had much of a winter this year) than I have with my own job.

“Awesome,” I respond.  “I can’t wait.”

Tonight I really can’t.  Wait, that is.  I genuinely love the moment when he walks up the steps to the door and I know he’s safe, he’s here and we have time together again.

I also am just not sure I can wait much longer than I know it’ll take him to get here tonight.. before I crash.  I’m not sure why I feel compelled to write about this particular topic, but this is the only moment I’ve had today to write anything.  It’s what is on my mind.  And my options are at the moment;  write, pay bills or clean.  The other two I’m much more efficient doing during the light of day.  Plus I think my neighbors may appreciate me not turning on the vacuum (I’m in an apartment) at 2am.

While I’m often up into the wee hours of the morning, tonight I’m wiped out.  I’m not sure I’ve stopped to just think for more than 2 minutes since about 10am this morning.  It’s now 2am the following.  (I feel awful about that because I had one terribly important personal phone call to return today that I didn’t get done.)    It was one of those days where .. you know.. you’re so busy you don’t have time to eat.  Or use the bathroom.  OR grab the coveted afternoon coffee.

I don’t have these kinds of days all that often anymore.  I try very hard anymore to be conscious about making time to think about why I’m doing what I’m doing each day, be intentional and leave some room to breathe.  But its crazy, isn’t it.. how easily a day can run amok and become anything but your own?  You most likely know what I’m talking about.

While it would be nice to crash, I don’t feel like its fair if he’s still up and heading this way, that I sleep….

cat nap

The cat.. however, is not quite as concerned.


While Madison, SD or MN would be a much nicer and closer drive, the Cowboy says he doest mind the distance.

The fog has cleared.

And, thank goodness this post took me as long as it did to write.  Because I hear footsteps coming up the back stairs.